JUKWAA LA KATIBA TANZANIA (JUKATA) is a Forum of Tanzanian Civil Society under the leadership of a National Steering Committee (NSC). It is a people’s platform for Citizen Participation in the preparation and implementation of the New Constitution for Tanzania. JUKATA is coordinating Citizen engagement on Constitutionalism in Tanzania, which will play a decisive role in the passage of the new constitution during 2011 - 2014.

JUKATA pursues the following objectives:

  • i. To enhance Citizen Participation in the Constitution Making Process in Tanzania.
  • ii. To ensure participatory democracy in all the steps of Constitution Making in Tanzania.
  • iii. To mobilize Tanzanians in defence of democratic Constitutionalism during and after the making of a New Constitution.
  • iv. To provide a platform for Tanzanians to participate in the implementation of the New constitution through their diverse groups across the country.
  • v. To improve public understanding of the current and previous Constitutions in Tanzania through Constitutional Literacy Programmes as a way to ensure informed public participation in the Constitution Making.


JUKATA has national and local structures. The National Steering Committee is the national organ and is responsible for engagement, advocacy and monitoring of implementation. The Regional CSOs and District Networks across Tanzania are responsible for undertaking JUKATA work in their respective locations. The National Steering Committee is accountable to the General Members Meeting, which consists of representatives of Civil Society Organisations across the country. The Steering Committee of the JUKATA provides overall political leadership.